Herbalshades Kesar Malai Cream


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In your household, you must have seen your mother or grandmother talk about the benefits of malai (milk cream) and kesar (saffron) on your skin. These two ingredients are quite popular to enhance your skin glow and texture. Now, instead of using these two raw ingredients, why don’t you use a naturally-formulated cream that contains the best of both ingredients. Try Herbal Shades kesar malai cream and replenish your skin after every use.

Is Herbalshades Kesar Malai Cream Good for your Skin?

Our kesar malai cream is a non-greasy cold cream with natural ingredients like malai (milk cream) and kesar (saffron) incorporated together. It offers moisture, protection from dryness and nourishment to your skin. If you have extremely dull skin, our kesar malai cream is a perfect solution to revitalize your skin by adding a healthy glow that ensures 24-hour protection.

The softness of malai can make your skin supple, and kesar offers long-lasting radiance of your skin. Our kesar malai cream acts as a natural sunscreen and helps protect your skin against harmful UVA & UVB rays as well. With every use, your skin acquired new energy, vitality, and resilience that will be visible to you.

For excellent results, ensure to use Herbalshades kesar malai cream twice a day in the morning and evening. Don’t forget to gently massage in circular motions until the cream is completely absorbed. Most importantly, it is suitable for all skin types.

Main Benefits

Kesar and malai are known to possess various skin and beauty benefits Especially, kesar is known to be a time-honoured ingredient in nurturing skin, making it flawless and radiant.

Kesar has medicinal properties which can help in reducing acne and pimples on your skin. Due to its superb antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, kesar is a perfect option for treating breakouts. Malai (milk cream) makes your skin soft and naturally shining and even enhances the texture of your skin.

Pollution and harsh climate changes can make your skin look dull and lifeless. With our fine quality kesar and malai cream, you can reduce pigmentation, brown spots and various other skin blemishes eventually.

Try Herbalshades kesar malai cream and spot the difference in your skin in a few days.


CetylAlcohol, Steraric Acid, Glycerin,Light Liq.DM Water, Color, Perfume.


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