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A Natural Antibacterial Oil For All Skin Types 100% Herbal

Vegan | Cruelty-free | 100% Natural | Antibacterial | No Chemical | Non-toxic

Neem is a widely known herb that is used for healing and treating various other skin related conditions. Even neem oil is used by many practitioners of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic from years now. If you want to get rid of acne and pimples, try Kala Amb neem oil that is naturally formulated to improve the quality of your skin.

Is Neem Oil Necessary for your Skin?

Neem oil contains various elements, including antioxidants and fatty acids. These can benefit your skin and make it healthy and glowy. Our neem oil is an excellent and cost-effective source of moisturizer for your skin.

By applying Kala Amb neem oil, the fatty acids and vitamins in it moisturize and nourish your skin deeply, making it youthful and clearer. The vitamin E in neem oil is widely known for repairing the damaged skin and also restricts the effect of environment changes that can further lead to skin damage and problems.

The herbal moisturizing formula of our neem oil can lead to a perfectly toned skin and prevent it from cracking. So, if you want to maintain a flawless and hydrated skin, try our naturally extracted Kala Amb neem oil and see your skin enhance gradually.

Key Benefits

Our neem oil can help in improving and strengthening your hair. It also promotes hair growth and texture of your hair. Due to its antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, our neem oil is a perfect way to eliminate dandruff.

Neem has generally shown impressive wound healing effects, compared to various other products. It has compounds that promote blood vessels and connective tissue growth, hence improving the wound healing process.

Our budget-friendly neem oil can be used to treat bacterial and fungal infections. It has antibacterial properties that help in fighting against various skin conditions and prevent the growth of multiple strains of bacteria.

It also helps in reducing and treating acne, blemishes and dark spots. Our neem oil can help you relieve skin dryness, itchiness and redness as well. It prevents the further growth of pimples and uneven skin texture.

So, if you want to attain a beautiful and flawless skin, do try Kala Amb neem oil and see how it works for your skin!


Neem Extract & Sesame Oil


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