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Deep Hydration Moisturizing Cream

Roses are beautiful flowers that are not just a symbol of love but also have other benefits. You can add them to your beauty routine and see the difference in your skin gradually. Rose extracts are well-known for anti-inflammatory and scar reducing ingredients. Try Herbal Shades rose moisturizing cream to make your skin supple and boost the natural glow of your skin.

Is HerbalShades Rose Moisturizing Cream Worth It?

Rose is popularly known to have legit dermatologic properties that can help you treat your skin right. Now, plucking a rose and incorporating it into your skin routine seems like a hassle. That’s why our lightweight moisturizing cream is a perfect solution for your dry or dehydrated skin.

HerbalShades rose moisturizing cream acts like a moisture magnet, attracting and maximizing hydration for at least 24 hours. Our Special blend also contains rosewater, rose flower oil, and various other herbal ingredients to soothe your skin.

Once you’re done with your regular skincare routine of cleansing and toning, make sure to apply a generous amount of HerbalShades rose moisturizing cream on your face regularly; morning and night to attain the desired results.

Prime Benefits

HerbalShades Rose Cream has multiple benefits as it’s undoubtedly a versatile magic potion in your skincare routine. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, add our special recipe in your beauty regime and enhance the texture and feel of your skin naturally.

Due to the highly hydrating ingredients, HerbalShades rose moisturizing cream increases water content in your skin as opposed to the levels of oils. It also has astringent properties that can help you lift up the excess oil and dirt from your skin and maintain its natural pH balance.

Yes, roses are perfect for all skin types. It is particularly amazing for dry skin because of its highly moisturizing properties that can lead to soothing itchiness or dryness.

It’s well known that antioxidants are ideal for your skin and the ones found in roses are no exception. Such antioxidants allow your skin cells to strengthen and in turn leads to regeneration of skin tissues.



Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid ,Glycerin,Light Liq.Paraffin, DM Water,Color, Perfume.


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