HerbalshadeS Charcoal Face Wash

100% vegan
Pack Size: 100 ml

Vegan | Cruelty-free | 100% Natural | Antibacterial | Non-toxic

When it comes to oily skin, it’s necessary to use the right products to cleanse and moisturize your skin thoroughly. You should try to remove the excess oil while maintaining hydrated, supple and healthy-looking skin. For doing so, you need to be on the lookout for an effective ingredient called charcoal. Now, you can’t apply raw charcoal on your skin. That’s why Herbal shades has come up with a charcoal face wash that removes all the dirt from your skin, controls oil and acne.


How Does Herbal Shades Charcoal Face Wash Work


Most of you may be familiar with charcoal and how it looks and feels, but what you may not know is it’s highly effective properties that are beneficial for your skin. Charcoal is well-known to attract toxins and when applied on your skin it draws out impurities like dirt, sweat, oil and make up like a magnet from your face. Our charcoal face wash acts just like a spine, so you can use it on a daily for clear and soft skin.


Particularly when mixed with a pore-unclogging ingredient such as salicylic acid, Herbal Shades charcoal face wash eliminates all types of toxins and results in a deeply cleansed skin. It makes it perfect for shine-prone skin. It also helps in cleaning your pores and free them from extra sebum, dead skin cells and oil.


Benefits of Herbal Shades Charcoal Face Wash


Our charcoal face wash is well-formulated with charcoal which is a perfect match for oily and blemish-prone skin. Due to its activated charcoal’s ability to absorb bacteria and toxins in the skin, it is trusted by many beauty and skincare experts.


It can help in removing trapped dirt and dead skin cells from your skin. You can get healthier and clearer complexion as well. Acne is a result of a buildup of dead skin cells, bacteria and oil that are trapped inside the pores in your skin. It can further trigger pimples and various other inflammatory lesions that may lead to irritation, swelling, and redness.


So, if you have extremely oily and acne-prone skin, make Herbal Shades Charcoal Face Wash your new skin protector and see the results after a few uses.


Propylene Glycol, Amaze XT, CAPB, Tartric Acid, Iscaguard PEG, Moavis HRE-40, Perfume, Bamboo Charcoal PhytMic200, Walnut Phytpeel700, Black Sand Phytpeel500, Fm2000


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