Deewal Cold Cream


Pack Size: 80 g


When you hear ‘cold cream,’ you immediately think about a more traditional approach to skincare, as most of you grew up watching your mothers and grandmothers apply cold cream at night to maintain their skin. Deewal Cold cream is suitable for all skin types, which makes it more popular. If you want to experience hydration effects on your skin, give a try to Deewal cold cream that is well-formulated with the freshness of aloevera and vitamin E to refresh your skin.

Prime Uses of Deewal Cold Cream

Whether you naturally have dry skin or just want some extra hydration to get through the cold winter days, Deewal cold cream can help your skin feel evenly moisturized and textured. Cold creams are widely popular for their moisturizing and refreshing effects on the skin, but these are quite versatile. You can use a Deewal cold cream in different ways like:

  • Our special blend can be used on your lips and it can help lock in necessary moisture and offer the reliable barrier of protection for combating chilly winter winds.
  • Keep in mind, our cold cream is a stunning lip balm substitute.
  • If you’re in a hurry or you forget to bring your makeup remover on a trip, use Deewal cold cream as a makeup remover without water.
  • If you want some intense moisturizer on your legs, arms, hands, and back, put Deewal cold cream! It has the right ingredients to relieve your dry itchy skin as it does on your face.

Why Use Deewal Cold Cream?

  • With cold and chilly weather comes dry skin, and cold creams are absolutely amazing and essential to help you get rid of dry skin.
  • You should consider cold cream as a heavy moisturizer that can boost hydration in your skin.
  • If you suffer from dry itchy skin, using our well-made cold cream can do wonders for your skin.
  • It can improve the texture and complexion of your skin.
  • Most importantly, it acts as a natural barrier to the environment which is not easy to attain when you have dry skin.



Aqua, paraffinum, Liquidum, Emulsifying wax, Triethanolamine slearate, aloe vera extracr, Rose myristate, Silicon oil,Vitamin E, Allantoin EDTA, Pheonoxyethanol methyl paraben, propyl paraben, imidazolidinyl Urea, fragrance.


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