DEEWAL Black Seed Hair Oil


Pack Size: 100 ml


Cold Pressed | No Preservatives | Cruelty-Free | Non-Toxic | 100% Natural | Vegan | No Mineral Oil | No Parabens | No Alcohol

The primary element of this hair oil, Black Cumin Seeds are full of potent qualities and thus cater to Replenish Damaged Hair and Foster Hair Growth. Massage your hair gently for a considerable duration and leave it overnight to strengthen hair follicles and reduce hair fall. The advantages don’t end here! Deewal Black Seed Hair Oil helps fight Dandruff and Prevent Allergies or Itchiness. What better for a relaxing weekend than a good hair oil massage followed by a tranquil sleep!

Prime Benefits Deewal Black Seed Hair Oil

  • Deewal Black Seed Oil acts as a Natural Moisturizer for the Hair and cures Bald Spots by fostering Healthy Hair Growth
  • Its Herbal and Highly Organic Nature Nourishes the Scalp and helps Control Dandruff
  • Black Seed Oil should be applied directly to reach the Roots of the Hair and Stimulate Healthy Growth
  • Acting as a Natural Conditioner, this oil results in Smooth Hair, giving it a Brisk, Shiny Texture
  • Rich in Amino Acids, Omega Acids and Anti-oxidants, it is an effective alternative to Hair Implantation and other Chemical-based Hair Treatments to control Hair Problems since it does not have any Side Effects
  • Its inherent Plant-based nature, provides a Natural Lustre to the hair based on Crude Extracts and Pure Oils

How to use Deewal Black Seed Hair Oil

  • Rub Black Seed Oil on your palm and massage the Scalp gently.
  • Leave it overnight for the best results and rinse the following day.
  • Regular application will significantly affect the growth of your hair.

Tips: In case of Bald Spots, apply on the areas directly and leave it Overnight to see Healthy Hair Growth in the next few weeks.


Deewal Black Seed Hair Oil has shown Immensely Positive Results in Cultivating Strong Hair Growth within weeks of application. The Hair Grows Smooth, Long and Soft with a Natural Shine. This Herbal Oil is the solution for all your Hair Problems, from Dandruff to Bald Spots with Absolutely No Side Effects!


Nigella Stavia Extract, Ocimum Basillium Extract, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Seasame Oil


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