Aloe Brahmi Shampoo


Pack Size: 450 ml


Key Features of Deewal Aloe Brahmi Shampoo

  • Intense Nourishment
  • Moisturize Dry and Rough Hair
  • Add Silky Shine

Ingradients of Deewal Aloe Brahmi Shampoo

  • Aloevera
  • Brahmi
  • SLES
  • Tulsi
  • Purified water

Benefits of Aloevera on Hair

  • Fights Seborrheic Dermatitis (Dandruff). Calms an itchy scalp
  • Deep Cleans Oily Hair. Removes Extra Sebum without hurting your hair
  • Aloevera contains Vitamins A, C, and E. It Adds Strength and Repairs Hair Strands
  • Helps Promote Hair Growth

Benefits of Brahmi on Hair

  • Brahmi Reduces Dryness, Itchiness and Flakiness
  • Reduces Hair Fall and Boosts New Hair Growth. Helps Treating Temporary Baldness
  • Forms a Protective Layer Around the Hair Fibers Making them Lustrous and Glossy
  • Acts as an Anti-oxidant. Cleans the Scalp and makes it free of acne, dandruff, infections etc.

Benefits of Tulsi on Hair

  • Prevents Hair Fall or Thinning Hair by Rejuvenating the Hair Follicles and Strengthening the Roots
  • Kills Dandruff by Controlling Four Types of Fungal Strains that may Cause Dandruff
  • Controls Premature Greying of Hair

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Brahmi, aloevera,SLES, Tulsi and purified water.


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