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Sandal Wood

English Name:- Sandal Wood.

Botanical Name:- Santalum album Linn.


Parts- Used:- Heart wood and oil.

Habit:- Evergreen medium sized tree about 25-30 feet high which is semiparasite. Leaves opposite, ovate; Flowers small of purple color and in clusters. Fruits purple berries.

Taste:- Bitter.

Chemical Constituents:- Heart wood Contains:- Resin, Tanic acid and Volatile oil which is thick, yellow and aromatic. It contains Alpha and Beta santalol also Contains Alde Hyde and Keton, Santenone, Santalone.

Actions:- Cooling, Bitter, Styptic, Demulcent, Astringent, Antidote, Diuretic, Diphoratic, Aphrodiasic.

Used In:- Fever, Scorbutic, Thrist, Vomiting, Disuria, Leucorrhoea, Dysentery, Skin diseases; Erysipelas, Sudamina.

Usages of Sandal Wood

  • Fragrance is one of the most popular derivatives of sandal wood.
  • Its powder and oil are heavily used for their excellent skin care and glow enhancing.
  • It is used in making face packs.
  • It helps reduce ageing because it is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  • It removes toxins and fight the formation of wrinkles causing radicals.
  • Its powder is used by teenagers for the cure of pimples.
  • A paste of sandal wood powder and rose water can cure acne and pimples breakout.
  • Many creams and lotions are made from sandal wood for reducing dryness of skin.
  • Sandal wood oil is used in removing anxiety.
  • Its fragrance is very soothing and promotes a sense of peace and meditation.
  • It promotes better sleep and tackle insomnia.
  • It is a calming herbal that can be used to relax inflamed skin and on insect bite.
  • Sun burnt skin are a patchy tan can be taken care of with sandal wood.

Specific Products

Beauty and youth oils, Neem face pack, chandan face pack.


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