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Jonesia Ashoka

English Name:- Jonesia Ashoka.

Botanical Name:- Saraca indica Linn.


Parts- Used:- Stem-bark, Flowers and seeds.

Habit:- A small ever green tree with drooping branches, Leaves paripinnate compound 3 to 6 pairs of leaflets; Flowers red in congested clusters.

Taste:- Bitter.

Chemical Constituents:- Bark Contains:- Glycosides, Saponins, Tannins, Catechol, Essential oil, Haematoxolyne, Ketosterol, Apigenin, Cyanidin, Kaempferal, Pelagonidin, Quercetin, Iron, Fatty acid & Gallic acid.

Actions:- Astringent, Stimulant, Spasmodic, Blood purifier, Anti-inflammatory, Cooling.

Used In:- Metrorrhagia, Uterine affections, Disuria, Leucoderma, Calculii, Cardiac stimulant, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-tumour, Anti-cancer, Improves complexion, Colic dysentery, Piles, Ulcers, Flowers are used in blood dysentery.

Main Usages Of Ashoka

  • It is useful in management of all painful conditions.
  • It improves digestion and assimilation.
  • It improves complexion of the body.
  • It kills all infectious agent.
  • It is useful in management of all edematous conditions.
  • It alleviates excessive thirst.
  • It is useful in management of inflammation of lymph nodes.
  • Its seeds can be used to treat cough.
  • It is useful in toxicities and all blood disease.
  • It can be used to treat tumors.
  • It cures ulcers, piles, haemorrhoids, menorrhagia, worms, facture of bones.
  • There is no harm in pregnancy from ashoka but take only after getting advice from a medical practitioner.
  • It is very good to treat uterine disorders and keeps menstruation clear and control excessive bleeding.
  • Its drug (saraca asoca) can be used to treat wounds, eye disease, insect bite, neurological disorder and fever.
  • It alleviates burning sensation.

Specific Products

Pills, Ashokarishta, Ashokaghrita.


Information on the traditional uses and properties of herbs provided on the site is for educational use only, and is not intended as medical advice. Every attempt has been made for accuracy but none is guaranteed. Many traditional uses and properties of this herb have not been validated by the FDA. If you have any serious health concern you should consult with your health care practitioner before self administering this herb.

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