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English Name:- Asparagus

Botanical Name:- Asparagus racemosus

Family:- LILACEAE.

Parts- Used:- Fleshyroots and cladodes.

Habit:- Extensive spinous much branched climber, leafless with cladodes white & small flowers.

Taste:- Sweet

Chemical Constituents:- Fleshy roots Contains: Sugars, Mucilage & Saponins, Fresh cladodes contain, Diosgenin, Four saponins (Shatavarin), Shatavarin IV is Glycosides of Sarsa Sapogenin, Rhamnese and Glucose.

Actions:- Rejuvenator, Nervine tonic, Astringent, Galactogogue, spermo poietic Heart tonic Diuretic.

Used In:- Threaten abortion, Leucorrhoea, Seminal debility, Goneral debility, Agalactia, Headache, Hysteria, reduces blood pressure, Useful in acidity and ulcer patient, Extract of cladodes is Anti Cancer.


  • The roots of this herb are useful in nervous disorders, dyspepsia, tumors, scalding of urine, throat infection, tuberculosis, cough bronchitis and general debility.
  • It helps relieve pain, restless sleep, disturbingdreams and weak heart emotional people.
  • It treats anorexia, insomnia, hyperactive children and under weight people.
  • This herb is a rejuvenating female tonic for overall health and vitality.
  • It treats sexual debility, infertility in both the sexes and increases breast milk.
  • This herb is useful during pregnancy threatened abortion.
  • It is useful in treatment of ulcerative disorders of stomach.
  • The paste of fresh leaves applied on the skin relieves burning sensation.
  • The fresh juice of roots mixed with honey relieves the pain caused by tumors.
  • This herb is effective to cure the dry and inflamed membranes of the lungs, stomach, kidney and sexual organs.
  • This herb is also extremely nutritious tonic for women.
  • It increases the urinary output and expels urinary stones, dysuria and cures blood in urine.
  • This herb is anabolic to uterus and helpful in uterine hypoplasia in young girls.
  • It augments fertility and imparts anabolic properties.
  • It improves eye sight and cures night blindness when consumed for a long period.
  • It is useful in acidity and to ulcer patients.
  • It increases the count of sperms and is beneficial in curing tuberculosis.


Information on the traditional uses and properties of herbs provided on the site is for educationaluse only, and is not intended as medical advice. Every attempt has been made for accuracy but none is guaranteed. Many traditional uses and properties of this herb have not been validated by the FDA. If you have any serious health concern you should consult with your health care practitioner before self administering this herb.

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