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Acacia concinna

English Name:- Shikakai acacia.

Botanical Name:- Acacia concinna.


Parts- Used:- Leaves and fruits.

Habit:- A spreading spiny shrub, branches are slender and long, sub branches arecreamish white with five rows of curved spines, leaves pinnate compound, flowers in globosh head, yellow whitish and pink, fruits legumes fleshy, beaked and constricted.

Taste:- Bitter-Acrid.

Chemical Constituents:- Legumes (Fruit) contains saponin, Malic acid, Resin, Glucose,

Gum, Fibers.

Actions:- Fruits expectorant, Carminative, Emetic, Stimulant diuretic, Leaves are acidic,

Laxative, Appitizer, Liver stimulant.

Used In:- Chronic cough, Asthmetic obstruction, Jaundice, Vomiting, Liver disease, Abdominal lump, Scorpion venom, Lice and Dandruff, Alopecia.

This herb is highly beneficial to cure various diseases at home:-

• Skin disorders, Itching and Psoriasis and Pimples:- Boil Shikakai powder (1tbsb) in water (1cup). Cook for few minutes and apply it on the affected areas.

• Constipation, Jaundice:- Take a fruit of soap pod. Deseed it and soak in water for an hour. Filter and drink.

• Hyperpigmentation:- Prepare paste of its powder by adding water and apply on affected parts.• Dandruff:- Boil Shikakai powder in water. Cook for ten minutes and use this for washing hairs. It kills lice also.

• Jaundice:- Wash and clean fresh tender leaves of soap pod tree. Make chutney by grinding these leaves (1tbsp) with
Kali mirch (3), tamarind pulp and salt as per taste. Eat twice a day with rice.

• Bad breath, gum infection:- Prepare gargling solution by boiling Shikakai powder (1tbsp) in water (300ml). Gargle with this solution frequently.

• It removes scorpion vemon from the body.

• This herb is beneficial in chronic coughs, asthmatic obstruction and other respiratory disorders.

• It improves liver health and cures liver diseases.

• It is laxative and stimulant diuretic.

• It is sued for washing hair and silky clothes.

Information on the traditional uses and properties of herbs provided on the site is for educational use only,

and is not intended as medical advice. Every attempt has been

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