Deewal Foundation

The Deewal Foundation is a Philanthropic organisation and private foundation based at Kurukshetra (Haryana). It was founded by Sh. Mela Ram Rathi (Chairman, Deewal Group ).

Its central mission is “To make the life on earth more better in every respect through knowledge and technology.”  The main fields earmarked by the foundation to achieve its goals are:

·         To provide quality education beginning from school level.

·         To enable the youth for employment through Skill Development Training Programmes.

·         ‘Green Earth Movement’ through plantation.

·         ‘Healthy World’ through Awareness, Nourishment and Treatment.

·         Cleanliness – Through awareness and practical module system.

·         R&D mainly in Solar Power System and Food Nourishment.

Since its inception to till now the foundation has commenced some undernoted programmes:

·         A higher secondary school has been opened at NH-65 in Kurukshetra  in 5 Acres in this year (2014-15). It covers rural area having 28 villages in the circumference of 9 km.

·   “Health Awareness & Yoga Camp for 7 Days” program has been commenced    successfully in 20 villages till now in Kaithal (Haryana) by trained Yoga Instructors.    The trust organised a weekly Diabetes check-up and treatment camp for four months at  Kurukshetra (Haryana) where hundreds of patients got benefits from it.

·         Tree Plantation Programme is in operation at – Village Thana Distt. Kurukshetra, (Haryana)

·         The trust has contributed in poor girl’s marriages in Kaithal (Haryana) at Samuhik  Vivah Aayojans.

·         The trust is engaged in  Gaushalas(Cow- shelter Houses) Programmes in Kurukshetra  (Haryana)

·      The trust has helped other educational institutions by donating funds for their construction.

·    The source of income/funds of the foundation is only contribution by Deewal Gramodyog Sansthan. Every product purchased by the consumers contributes some     percentage to the foundation. It is the only source of funds of the foundation.

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