Beauty & Youth (Face & Skin Pack)

Price: AU$11.99
Pack Size: 100 g


This 100% herbal skin pack contains Wheat Zerm Oil, Lemon Oil, Almond Oil, Rose Petals, Chandan, Neem, Orange and Fuller's Earth.

To make the face naturally beautiful (fair colour) and youthful(glowing freshness)

Youthful face with glowing and refreshing skin is ultimate beauty. Beauty and youth face pack not only fights ageing signs but also gives you the fair complexion. After making paste of this powder by water, rose-water or fresh milk, it is to be applied on face and neck for 10-20 minutes and then to be washed off. It is really the source of ever youth.

1. It makes the facial skin healthy.

2. A natural glow and freshness comes in the natural way.

3. Helps in improving skin texture and gives fair skin.

4. Having anti-ageing properties it ignores ageing effects.


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