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Green Tea With Tulsi

Green Tea with Tulsi: For fitness, long age, strong heart, fine digestion system, fine mood.

This Green Tea is made from Darjeeling Tea plant leaves that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. It provides wondrous health benefits and is a natural medicine.

1. It is better for weight loss.

2. It is useful in Diabetes.

3. It is good for heart and reduces bad cholesterol.

4. It prevents tooth decay.

5. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

6. It removes depression and gives a feeling of well being.

7. Being an Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial, it is effective for treating everything from influenza to cancer.

8. Having Anti-ageing elements, it keeps away the wrinkles and the signs of ageing.

Price: ₹150.00
Pack Size: 75.00 g


Darjeeling Tea Leaves and Tulsi Leaves.



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