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Fitness is the key to a healthy life, and being fit is an utmost target for all. When it comes to fitness and body care, we all know that having a proper diet plan and consistent exercise would help us to regain the the level of fitness required. But regardless of the efforts you put in, be it using the latest fitness equipment or opting for diet plans or supplements endorsed by nutritionists and celebrities, there’s always some margin for improvement.


Moreover, fitness is not the be all and end all of body care. Owing to today’s busy schedules and sedentary lifestyles, you need a lot more than just exercise and a good diet to take care of your most prized vessel, your body. 


The Herbal Body Care Solution


A very intriguing phrase associated with Ayurveda is, “Do more of what makes your soul shine”. At Deewal, we are firm believers of the benefits of Ayurveda and our dedicated team has put in years of research in bringing you herbal Ayurvedic products that are essential to your body’s care. For instance, daily massage with ‘Nourishing Massage and Body Oil’ helps in improving our overall well-being, body nourishment and relieves mental and physical stress.


And when it comes to herbal baby oil, using it as a moisturizer to massage the baby after bathing can boost the baby’s overall growth. It also makes the baby’s skin healthy and radiant while strengthening the baby’s nails and softening his/her cuticles. Our Herbal massage oil contains herbs like Brahmi, Jatamansi, Lavender and Castor among others. These herbal oils are also enriched with Vitamin-E and possess antimicrobial properties that make them beneficial for the nourishment and strengthening of new born babies and toddlers.


One of the leading herbal massage oil supplier and baby massage oil manufacturer in India, we at Deewal develop our products with utmost care by selecting treasured herbal ingredients. Ranging from Herbal Pain Relief Oil to Slimming Oil, from Nourishing Massage & Body Oil to Slimming Oil, we have a huge range of herbal products that cater to all your daily needs. Furthermore, we have made it more convenient for you to buy our herbal body care products online with just a few clicks.


So take care of your body the herbal way with Deewal body care products. Order online now!

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Ultra Hydrating Body Oil (Cold Pressed)
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Price : AU$ 14.99
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